Thursday, May 12, 2011

The cave

ok so i might mess this all up (i definitely will) but i have to write something. Please dont be angry if i got the plot wrong and just ruined all your fun. FLO

The two nameless ones ran through the decaying bodies in an old deep trench which led to a forest. They crossed it quickly picking up a few things that could be handy later on, from the grips of the rotting dead. Soon they were walking through a tall forest, breathing in the fresh air. "You smell" said the taller man as they stopped by a river. "And you think you dont?" muttered the other.

The taller brown haired fella stared at river, trying to remember something, anything at all about his past life, the life before the war, the life were he didn't have to hide or sleep on the cold wet floor, but in a bed or the softest cotton. "Jeff" he muttered. "Whatdya say?" asked the smaller blonde. "Jeff, my name is Jeff, Jeff Kingsburg" They sat in silence. "My name is Daniel Mahoney" muttered the man that Jeff called friend. They walked on through the woods eating any berries they could find, and only hope they weren't poisonous. Soon they came to a cave just as it began to rain heavily. The cave was cold dark and damp, but it would do as a shelter. So the two soldiers slept.

A hot wet thing stuck itself into Daniels face. He woke up to find a big black wolf staring into his eyes. "Jeff he.." the wolf bit Daniels neck and dragged him of further into the cave, the full moon shone and Jeff worn and haggard slept, clueless to what was happening around him.