Sunday, February 20, 2011

Of Children and Men

So very quiet is the city, so calm, so peaceful. An inch, and a mile, and the silence breaks. Roars of the fallen and battleworn men, screams of the townsfolk as they flee in desperation, and the howling wind. The young ones, with hardly an ounce of experience watch their blood drip freely from their arms and into the ever growing river. The two nameless ones try to convince themselves that this is just another war, another battle fought for justice. But they know that this is a massacre, oh how they know. They hate the thought.

More of the boys die, the dark haired nameless man feels a pang in his heart. He sees the fear in their eyes, and it reminds him of his late son. A tear glistens, sails down his cheek but he closes his eyes and runs his sword through a boy who looks to be playing dress up in his father's clothes.

All this death, pain, and fighting was to get to the being responsible for beginning the end of the world. The being this city called their god. They kept advancing, the blood and the bodies becoming their breadcrumbs to find their way home...

Ha, ha ha, ha ha. How was that? See I wrote it, admittedly just now...But, did ya like it?

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi


  1. ...I didn't like it Jimmy...I'm sorry.

  2. ???

    That's an awesome story! There's just one problem tho.

    Who;s 'Jimmy'?