Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sentinels

The war had been raging since The Fall. This spread of chaos began with a death. The death of The Last. When they died it caused a shiver down the fabric of the universe. And so came the rise of the Traction Era and the never ending cacophony of blood and rage and anger. The war against The Sentinels, guardians of the least important fragment of The Will, was waning, the Sentinels crumbling. Twelve beings of metal, they stood, twice as tall as a human, with skin of luminous steel. Yet eleven of them had fallen and only one remained, shrouded with the grey matter from the surface of a dead star.

Three turned to two as the last hope of the world battled on, never ceasing in the never ending war of theirs. Yet most of the world had been reduced to ash and cinders, the atmosphere was full of dust and smoke and civilisation was dying. It all began with The Fall, the death of The Last. It began with the end of humanity.