Sunday, October 24, 2010

About We the Kings

When I figure out how this whole thing works, this site will be for one big story. It'll be like Bio-Rama but instead of having your profiles displayed, you will post a new part to the story. What does it have to be about? No one cares, just as long as the content is appropriate. If not, I'll find a way to kick you off. Other than that, what's really to say...oh right! So we don't run into a huge conundrum in the way of people posting their story at the same time as someone else, they'll be a posting system. The first person to claim dibs over the next story, via the comments, will be the next person to write the next chapter. And no, those who just posted their story cannot compete to go for the next. That'd be unfair. Just to get everything started, I will post the first part of the story and we'll go from there. Have fun with this my friends, let your imagination run wild, AND...

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi


  1. Ah... nice idea Mary... 1st comment!

    Could I do a part, pppllleeeaaaaassseeee?

  2. Could you turn the word verification off please?

    It's in blog settings, comments...

    We three kings of orient are,
    One in a scooter, one in a car,
    One in a trooper honking his hooter,
    Going to yonder star...