Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The next part :)

And as it was said, that from six would rise one... One left, and one to face the End with a grim smile and a readied weapon.

So when he awoke, alone in the cave, he stood and he stared at the trail of blood leading further away. He sobbed and didn't even follow it, not wanting to see the foul, defiled body he knew he would find.

His sword in his left hand, his rifle in his right, he left the cave and walked through the forest once more. The Last Sentinel lay waste to everything in it's path, not too far away from the forest. The soldier knew his job, his purpose. It wasn't his choice; someone else had decided his fate before he could. But purpose is what drives some men, what keeps them going. The soldier needed this purpose more than anything.

He reached the end of the forest, stepping slowly over the few corpses at first, and then the piles of them, as he gazed upon the outcome of recent and past wars.

There. The fortress, once more. The wall had bent and buckled on one side, allowing him to crawl through. The streets are empty, but the sound of fighting isn't far off. His legs move for hours and then he's there, inside the main chamber, deserted but for the twenty armed men at one end, and the Thrown behind them.
The Last Sentinel breathes death, with his eyes of flame and gauntlets of ebony black. A monolithic being, he tilts his head, almost bored with the hell that he has caused.
'But did he cause it?' The soldier thinks. But he pushes the thought far out of his mind. Because that's all he's ever been. A soldier.

Sword in his left hand. Rifle in his right.

He smiles grimly and starts walking towards the Last.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The cave

ok so i might mess this all up (i definitely will) but i have to write something. Please dont be angry if i got the plot wrong and just ruined all your fun. FLO

The two nameless ones ran through the decaying bodies in an old deep trench which led to a forest. They crossed it quickly picking up a few things that could be handy later on, from the grips of the rotting dead. Soon they were walking through a tall forest, breathing in the fresh air. "You smell" said the taller man as they stopped by a river. "And you think you dont?" muttered the other.

The taller brown haired fella stared at river, trying to remember something, anything at all about his past life, the life before the war, the life were he didn't have to hide or sleep on the cold wet floor, but in a bed or the softest cotton. "Jeff" he muttered. "Whatdya say?" asked the smaller blonde. "Jeff, my name is Jeff, Jeff Kingsburg" They sat in silence. "My name is Daniel Mahoney" muttered the man that Jeff called friend. They walked on through the woods eating any berries they could find, and only hope they weren't poisonous. Soon they came to a cave just as it began to rain heavily. The cave was cold dark and damp, but it would do as a shelter. So the two soldiers slept.

A hot wet thing stuck itself into Daniels face. He woke up to find a big black wolf staring into his eyes. "Jeff he.." the wolf bit Daniels neck and dragged him of further into the cave, the full moon shone and Jeff worn and haggard slept, clueless to what was happening around him.

Friday, April 15, 2011


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Of Children and Men

So very quiet is the city, so calm, so peaceful. An inch, and a mile, and the silence breaks. Roars of the fallen and battleworn men, screams of the townsfolk as they flee in desperation, and the howling wind. The young ones, with hardly an ounce of experience watch their blood drip freely from their arms and into the ever growing river. The two nameless ones try to convince themselves that this is just another war, another battle fought for justice. But they know that this is a massacre, oh how they know. They hate the thought.

More of the boys die, the dark haired nameless man feels a pang in his heart. He sees the fear in their eyes, and it reminds him of his late son. A tear glistens, sails down his cheek but he closes his eyes and runs his sword through a boy who looks to be playing dress up in his father's clothes.

All this death, pain, and fighting was to get to the being responsible for beginning the end of the world. The being this city called their god. They kept advancing, the blood and the bodies becoming their breadcrumbs to find their way home...

Ha, ha ha, ha ha. How was that? See I wrote it, admittedly just now...But, did ya like it?

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi

Monday, January 24, 2011

The two left no longer had names. Their own had been whisked away, replaced with numbers eight digits long. But with those long forgotten names, fell away their past, their heritage, their ownership. All that they had now was a purpose, a weapon, and each other.
The world crumbled around them, and yet they fought on, defying the great numbers and superior firepower. Every day for the last three years had lead them to this moment. Learning. Training. Fighting. Surviving. They ran through the trenches of another long forgotten war, holding their bloodstained hands over their mouth in a feeble attempt to block out the stench of the dead and dying. There, above them, in the Fortress of The Sentinels, stood the Last, alone and waiting. Waiting forThem.

The two survivors were not to disappoint.They spared one glance, one single look at all that they had achieved, all that they had done and all that they had survived, before screaming their battle-cries and rushing towards the gates.

No-one has updated this blog, in like, forever, so i decided to do the honors. 
I've been putting this off for ages, mostly because i've already been shown up by two amazing writers, Mary Hiashi and Octaboona Ambrosius, and i know that whatever i write will just never be as good. 

Apologies to Thrice Dozer, i know you were going to update the story, but i said that i would do the next part, even before The Sentinels came out. Also, you did say that you were kinda busy. 

If anyone wants to continue tell the tale of the terrific assault by two surviving soldiers against the Last in his own damn fortress, be my guest. Seriously. Just go ahead and write it, it needs to be done soon, or else procrastination is just going to overtake us all. 

Good luck!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sentinels

The war had been raging since The Fall. This spread of chaos began with a death. The death of The Last. When they died it caused a shiver down the fabric of the universe. And so came the rise of the Traction Era and the never ending cacophony of blood and rage and anger. The war against The Sentinels, guardians of the least important fragment of The Will, was waning, the Sentinels crumbling. Twelve beings of metal, they stood, twice as tall as a human, with skin of luminous steel. Yet eleven of them had fallen and only one remained, shrouded with the grey matter from the surface of a dead star.

Three turned to two as the last hope of the world battled on, never ceasing in the never ending war of theirs. Yet most of the world had been reduced to ash and cinders, the atmosphere was full of dust and smoke and civilisation was dying. It all began with The Fall, the death of The Last. It began with the end of humanity.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yes this is a joint-story-writing-thing. Again if you want to join then send me your email.